history guided walks
wrapped buildings, construction sites, newly opened museums - these things and a great deal more are what characterize berlin's effort to relaunch itself as a major european metropolis. after decades of national socialist barbarism and the long-awaited fall of the cold war's great frontline (the berlin wall), the city has started to pulsate again.   

some already imagine seeing a metropolis when they look at berlin here and now. but it will certainly take a while longer for that vision to become reality. the guided tours of unwrapping history - by foot or by bus - provide an opportunity to air out the protective tarp covering that gigantic national construction site that berlin and germany have become since reunification, to unpack the subsoil underneath and examine it from every conceivable angle. where is berlin heading? postwar germans had just gotten accustomed to the "bonn republic." what face will the "berlin republic" now put on? will the rest of the world have anything to fear from the capital of the new germany? our guided tours will attempt to help you find some answers to these questions.
above all, the guided tours of unwrapping history will unpack those historical experiences that people had - or were forced to have - with this city and this country. on these tours around berlin and the adjoining city of potsdam, therefore, you will often find the conversation turning toward vivid personalities who, while no longer alive, somehow seem quite present in the here and now.
you have a number of different options: either you may book one of the basic tours offered by unwrapping history, or you may decide to find some very special history, building, event, or person and order one of our special tours. perhaps (for example) you are looking for a knowledgeable escort to accompany you on a visit to the holocaust memorial, or to the former concentration camp site in sachsenhausen, located on the outskirts of the city? these, too, are among your options.
no one need be afraid of being lectured or instructed. unwrapping history is aimed at modern visitors to the city who want not just to learn something new about berlin, but who are also interested in having an enjoyable time here.

prices and booking: prices for the basic tours are 15 euros per person and tour. simply book by e-mail. you will immediately receive a message in reply.
special tours: prices for special tours depend on the amount of time needed for the tour, the number of participants, the cost of preparation, and whether you want to go by foot or by bus. special tours will be negotiated on a case-by-case basis and should be affordable for everyone. simply send an e-mail message to unwrapping history, or call at:

unwrapping history, c/o martin jander, tel.: 0049-(0)30-89068014