history service
there are plenty of reasons to visit berlin and its environs. for whichever one of these you have in mind, unwrapping history can offer you just the right tour. group- or individualtours, tours with basic information or customized for special wishes - unwrapping history can make you an offer for all these requests. there is no wish we cannot grant. just try us.  

do you simply want some brief information, or might you want to know how to find something in this occasionally bewildering city? you've come to the right place for requests like this..
are you trying to look up a very specific kind of history or story that you always wanted to know? how, e.g., did members of the east german politburo really live? who put up resistance to the nazis? what kind of resistance was it possible to put up against the deportation of the jews to concentration camps? why was there a popular uprising on june 17, 1953, and how was it put down? for all these questions, and for many more, we can work out an individual answer for you, a tour completely tailored to your questions and requests.
have you been invited to a conference, or do you have business in town while your family is along and on the lookout for an attractive package of cultural events to accompany their stay? this, too, can be organized.
you're taking a trip to berlin? you're with a school class, a student group, or simply here with a few friends and maybe delving into history as part of your curriculum or as a personal hobby? here, too, we would be happy to make you an offer. in all these cases, unwrapping history is the partner you're looking for.
special tours: prices depend on the duration of the tour, the number of participants, the cost of preparation, and whether you want to go by foot or by bus. special tours will be negotiated on a case-by-case basis yet should still be affordable for everyone. simply send an e-mail message to unwrapping history, or call at:

unwrapping history, c/o martin jander, tel.: 0049-(0)30-89068014