jander about me
you may, of course, also look me up in the internet, e.g. by using a search engine like google. but i have already assembled some basic information here for you:
date and place of birth:
Jan. 21, 1955 freiburg im breisgau
university study:
1974 - 1984 studied german, history, sociology, and political science at the free university of berlin
1984 master of arts in german and history 1995 doctor of philosophy in political science
since 2001 working as author and journalist in berlin and teaching at new york university (berlin), stanford university (berlin) and in the program of the freie universität berlin.
1995 - 2000 research associate in the forschungsverbund sed-staat (research group on the east german communist state) at the free university of berlin; work on the topic of opposition in the gdr. participation in teaching at the otto-suhr-institut (political science department at the fu berlin) about the federal republic of germany, the gdr, national socialism, and political theory.
1990 - 1995 research associate in the field of trade union research at the zentralinstitut für sozialwissenschaftliche forschung (social science research institute) of the free university of berlin (zi 6). preparing and carrying out an ötv conference on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the 1941 "wannsee conference" dealing with the civil service's role in the process leading to the annihilation of europe's jews. 1995 completed dissertation on the history of an initiative by an east german opposition group to reestablish independent trade unions in the gdr.
1989 - 1990 trade union secretary in the education department at the executive board of ötv [the public service and transportation workers union, today part of ver.di, the consolidated service workers union]; responsible for planning the educational program at ötv, developing new types of curriculum, processing grant applications to the hans-böckler-stiftung (trade union educational foundation), restructuring the entire educational program of ötv
1987 - 1988 internship at wdr (west german radio, station for north rhine-westphalia); book publication: an interview with the sociologist and contemporary historian theo pirker, with extensive biographical commentary and focusing on the history of his work. since 1987 regular contributions to different newspapers and periodicals. most articles appeared in die tageszeitung (berlin), in der tagesspiegel (berlin)and in jüdische allgemeine (berlin).
1984 - 1986 lecturer on history and politics of the trade union movement at the national school for the trade union confederation in hattingen (dgb-bundesschule hattingen).
1961 - 1973 attended elementary and secondary school (gymnasium) in freiburg, munich, west berlin, and heidelberg. school-leaving exam (abitur) in heidelberg. one of martin's grandfathers was the gas war researcher gerhart jander. his wife, johanna souchon, was related to hermann souchon, rosa luxemburg's murderer. she remained friends with him until the end of her life.